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A hybrid drop-back box

This blog describes a simple variant on a drop-back box.[1] By combining techniques already in use you can take the best of two well-established styles incorporating strength, elegance and simplicity; but before that a little background…[2] The type of boxes I am referring to are constructed from mill-board with two, three-wall trays that nest inside

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In the news…

Green’s Books is one. On 20th July we celebrated our first year in business with a small gathering of friends, family, colleagues, and customers. A lovely evening was had by all and we thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone for their support so far. Arthur wins Institute of Conservation

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A Welsh Pyx

Having worked on collections from several Oxford archives over recent years, I’ve been lucky enough to handle a great variety of boxes and enclosures that have been used to keep documents safe. It is not uncommon for archival boxes to reflect the items which they protect; such as grand charter boxes (or ‘banjo cases’ as

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Paste Papers Day

  Paste papers, or Herrnhut as they are sometime known, are a cheap and simple style of decorated paper, created by brushing pigment mixed with paste onto paper and then making marks in the surface to form patterns or a design.[1] Paste papers were in use across Europe from the 17th century, and were used

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Freedom of The Press: The Renaissance of a French Laying Press

(Guest Blog By Jim Oliver   As a young boy I was always taking things apart so I could find out how they worked and sometimes I even managed to put them back together again. Years later, as a carpenter/joiner and furniture maker, I am still curious how things are put together, and a

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Conservation History: From Trade Secrets to an Open Profession.

  I recently came across this wonderfully titled book and was fascinated, amused and horrified in equal measure. It gives instructions on how “the booklover may spend many a happy hour in renovating or repairing these damaged copies, instead of engaging the services of a skilled bookbinder.” I have highlighted three representative passages from the

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An Embroidered Leather Notebook

The following is my first collaborative blog post and is co-authored by Hannah Brown and myself. It has been published simultaneously on my website and on Hannah Brown’s Blog. I would like to thank Hannah for all her hard work on the workshop. And her excellent notes which are the basis of this blog. After many years working

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Watt Press

  In 2011, I worked on a project at the Bodleian Library to conserve the Abinger collection: correspondence and papers of three generations of the Godwin and Shelley families that were given to the Library in 2004. Within this collection are 189 wet-transfer copies taken from the correspondence of novelist and political philosopher William Godwin.

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Welcome to Green’s Books!

Welcome to Green’s Books! Our new conservation studio opened on 23rd May 2016. We are currently arranging a programme of workshops and events so keep an eye on our calendar and Facebook page for updates. Open studio sessions are now up and running all day Friday (9:30 – 4:30) and Wednesday evenings (6:00 – 9:00). Please contact Arthur for

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