Month: May 2022

What’s on the page? Signatures, catchwords, and press figures.

Have you looked at books of the hand-press period (circa 1450-1800) and wondered what the letters and numbers are at the foot of the page? Well, wonder no more…  To decipher these marks, we must first understand how the page was created. Whilst we might now think of books as collections of single sheets, early

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An early 19th century stationery binding

Stationery binding quires: Do they differ from printed sections?

The following is an amended excerpt from an unpublished Paper No hum-drum memorandum: Conservation of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust’s first Visitor’s Book, that Arthur gave for the 2019 Archives & Records Association (ARA) Conference in Leeds. The presentation described the conservation of an early 19th century stationery binding, looking at the various aspects of documentation,

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