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Oxford pulp board binding: a joint DB SoB workshop 17-18 Nov. 2018

Over two days at Arthur’s studio in the Malvern Hills, five students learned to make a pulp board binding based on a design common in Oxford in the early 17th century. This transitional structure marks the movement from parchment to paper leaves and from wooden to paper/pulp boards. Common features of the structure are stub

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Paste Papers Day

  Paste papers, or Herrnhut as they are sometime known, are a cheap and simple style of decorated paper, created by brushing pigment mixed with paste onto paper and then making marks in the surface to form patterns or a design.[1] Paste papers were in use across Europe from the 17th century, and were used

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An Embroidered Leather Notebook

The following is my first collaborative blog post and is co-authored by Hannah Brown and myself. It has been published simultaneously on my website and on Hannah Brown’s Blog. I would like to thank Hannah for all her hard work on the workshop. And her excellent notes which are the basis of this blog. After many years working

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