One-to-one Tuition

One-to-one tuition is available upon request and open to all abilities. With one-to-one tuition, you receive dedicated tuition from Arthur with full use of the studio and equipment. This service is a popular and cost effective option.


One person: £350 per day (or £325 per day for three or more days).

Two people: £400 per day (or £375 per day for three or more days).

Group (4/5 people): £480 per day (or £425 per day for three or more days).

Ongoing tuition: Rates available upon request.

Case study 1:

Kitty, A Librarian from Hong Kong, attended Green’s Books for three days, in the Autumn of 2018. With responsibility for the preservation of collections, Kitty received some intensive tuition on paper repairs and box making.




Case study 2:

Book Conservator Wanda Robins was awarded the Maureen Duke Educational Award in 2019, and used part of the award to undertake intensive one-to-one training at Green’s Books. Wanda spent four days working on her sharpening and leather paring skills; sharpening various paring knives, modifying a spokeshave, and then using these tools to cover a full leather binding.




Toben Lewis conserving a book

Case study 3:

Having received a Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust Award in 2020, Bookbinder Toben Lewis visited Green’s Books for three days’ intensive book conservation training.

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