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Arthur has been teaching since 2012 and has lectured for organisations including the Society of Bookbinders, West Dean College of Arts and Conservation and (ICON) the Institute of Conservation. Workshops and courses at Green’s Books are given in small groups and give step-by-step tuition in various bookbinding and conservation techniques. Unless otherwise stated workshops and courses are held at the studio near Malvern, and run from 10:00am to 4:30pm. Tea/coffee, handouts and materials are included in the fee unless otherwise specified.

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Cancellation policy: On request, places will be rescheduled subject to availability and at the discretion of Green’s Books. Refunds are as follows: notice of one month or more  = 100% refund; notice of two weeks or more = 75% refund; and 1 week or more = 50% refund. In addition, a £10 fee will be applied to all cancellations.

26th – 30th July 2021 SOLD OUT!

9th – 13th August 2021 ONE PLACE LEFT!

Hereford Romanesque Binding, a five-day course, £550 (includes tour of Hereford Cathedral Library & all materials). Hereford Cathedral boasts one of the largest collections of pre 1500 bindings in the UK. With in this collection are a group of seven books that were bound locally; none of the seven are identical, however they all feature an unusual conjoint paste-down/ spine lining. This course will start with a visit to Hereford Cathedral’s famous chained library, and include the opportunity to see the beautifully preserved collection of Romanesque bindings. The course will then continue back at Arthur’s studio, where students will make a facsimile of a Hereford Romanesque binding with wooden boards.


Sharpening for Bookbinders, 18th September 2021, £110 (+ £10 materials fee). Going back to first principles, this workshop will cover the theory of sharpening by hand. The focus of the day will be on sharpening paring knives, and will cover both straight edge but also rounded edge knives. Arthur will cover two popular systems of sharpening: Japanese water stones, and abrasive films on glass (“scary sharpening”). Participants will receive clear instructions on how to get repeatable results and will also get an opportunity to make their own small lifting knife.


Leather Paring without the Blood, Sweat & Tears, 19th September 2021, £110. Leather paring is a discipline which often intimidates and can take many years to master but with a systematic approach this need not be the case. This one-day hands-on workshop will introduce safe and effective working methods for paring bookbinding leathers by hand. The course will cover edge-paring, working with a spoke-shave, and thinning down leather with a Scharffix. The course also includes some basic tool selection, maintenance and sharpening. Suitable for anyone struggling with leather paring.

ONE PLACE LEFT! Introduction to Bookbinding, 2nd October 2021, £110. A fun and informative day which will introduce the subject of bookbinding including tools & materials, terminology and a bit of the history too. You will get to make a simple single-section binding and have a go at hand printing a label. Suitable for all levels with no prior experience required.


Stub Binding, 20th – 21st November 2021, £220. The stub binding was a popular binding style in the 19th century, for use on photograph albums and for binding maps. This versatile binding is still popular today and lends its self equally well to artists’ books, photographs albums, guest books and for housing single-sheet archival material. On the first day of the workshop you will learn how to fold and sew the sections and on day two you will make and decorate the covers. Suitable for all abilities.

2021 – DATE TBC 

A hybrid Drop-back Box. The hybrid drop-back box takes the best from two well established box making methods; the ‘all-in-one’ and the case method. During this workshop, you will make and cover a cloth drop-back box. For expediency all the parts will be pre-cut, but Arthur will guide you through the method and rational behind its construction. For more information on the subject, see my blog.

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is being hosted at the Kelsall Community Centre (near Chester) by the North Wales & North West region of the Society of Bookbinders. To book, see The Society of Bookbinders.

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