Boxes & Cradles

We offer a range of handmade boxes using high quality materials to suit a variety of budgets. See below for some examples.

Cloth covered drop-spine boxes:

cloth drop-back box






Our drop-spine boxes provide museum quality protection for high-value books. They are all made-to-measure from archival materials providing excellent support and protection. They can be customised with optional extras including: leather spines, cut-out hand recesses and pressure flaps. We can even incorporate compartments to store additional material alongside an important book.

Our standard boxes are as follows…

  • Museum quality drop-spine construction
  • Double-wall acid-free mill board
  • Covered in strong cloth, either double-warp buckram or Irish box linen
  • Lined with acid-free museum board
  • Lettering in gold on the spine





Phase boxes:

These boxes are a made-to-measure but affordable storage solution for fragile books. The examples below are a standard archival phase box with ties, and a more decorative box in Dutch handmade paper with fore-edge slot.






Book shoes:

Book shoes are a clever way of supporting the text-blocks of large volumes without obscuring their spines. They are particularly useful in historic collections where space is at a premium and it is important to maintain the aesthetic of a library shelf.


Book cradles:

Book cradles allow precious books to be displayed safely. We can create custom cradles for individual books or collections and help with the installation of your exhibition, including the mounting of captions.


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