Boxes & Cradles

We offer a range of handmade boxes using high quality materials to suit a variety of budgets. See below for some examples.

Cloth covered drop-back boxes:

These boxes provide archival quality protection for high-value books. With a robust mill-board structure and strong double-warp cloth covering, they provide support and protection, but also help to buffer from fluctuations in environmental conditions. Options include leather spines (as below) or added pressure flaps – idea for storing parchment books which may be prone to pushing open the lid of a standard box.

cloth drop-back box



Phase boxes:

These boxes are a made-to-measure but affordable storage solution for fragile books. The examples below are a standard archival phase box with ties, and a more decorative box in Dutch handmade paper with fore-edge slot.







Book shoes:

Book shoes are a clever way of supporting the text-blocks of large volumes without obscuring their spines. They are particularly useful in historic collections where space is at a premium and it is important to maintain the aesthetic of a library shelf.

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